Maasai Beaded Bangles

Maasai Beaded Bangles

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Assorted beaded bangles from one of  the famous Maasai Markets in Kenya.

Traditional Bead-work from the Maasai culture represents beauty, strength, tradition, warrior-hood, marital status,  fertility, protection, and social status.

Red symbolizes bravery, strength, and unity.

Black also represents unity, but focuses on harmony and solidarity.

Yellow signifies energy, life and fertility.

White represents purity, and health.

Blue represents fluidity

Orange represents warmth, friendship, generosity and hospitality.

Green represents the health, nourishment and production 

Brown- represents the earth, and the sense of being rooted and grounded.

 Gold represents stability and organization.

Handmade in Kenya.

The Women Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP) from Positive Life Kenya, recruits women from the streets of Mlolngo and teaches them entrepreneurship skills to empower them financially. 

Instead of selling their bodies, these women open businesses and sell their creations, while conquering and revolutionizing fashion all over the world. 

When you purchase these Handmade treasures, you continue to help support these women, empower their family and help lift their communities out of poverty.