Living Positive Mlolongo-Kenya

Living Positive Mlolongo (LPM) is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization located in Mlolongo, Kenya.

This organization focuses its interventions on addressing the challenges faced by the most vulnerable members of community as a result of HIV and AIDS. Specifically, the program targets orphaned and vulnerable children, HIV+ women living in the slums, sex workers, and due to the trade route, truck drivers in the local areas. Services include; home visits, Daycare for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, a feeding program that feeds them three times a day, and a Women’s Empowering program called WEEP.

The Living Positive Program saw an opportunity to pull women from prostitution and place them in an income generating program to offer them other options to prostitution. This program was given the name WEEP (Women’s Economic Empowerment Program). The women are assisted in income generating activities and to learn new skills to use for income generation. These skills include jewelry making, tailoring, soap making,and fashion design with Bjou Bjou. After graduating the WEEP program women are gifted with a sewing machine and a small micro loan to start their own business.

LPM also aids in psycho-social support among those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Weekly support groups are organized in Mlolongo and the Athi River where women are able to come together share and be educated on prevention, treatment and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Bjou Bjou has connected with Living Positive Mlolongo by selling their hand crafted goods through our online store and various other platforms. While visiting LPM, it was expressed that even though the women make beautiful products, they have no customers besides the locals and volunteers. Our goal is to increase their exposure globally to help generate more income to the program.

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