Indie Love Hair Care

Indie Love Hair Care

Most people tend to create things that can help make their lives easier.

This year makes 1 year since I decided to go au natural. I started once before but I still had some edge issues to deal with. Little did I know all I needed was some edge control! Fast forward to Summer of 2015 and I had grown out my relaxer and was ready for a haircut. I was so amazed and shocked at my beautiful curl pattern…I began to feel some type of way.

Each day that passed by, I tried my best to hold my curls in place without the frizz. Living in South Florida, that’s almost impossible. I experimented with so many products and eventually became a product junkie. My bathroom became a product nightmare!   

Researching the best haircare methods became my second fulltime job. I was determined to find something to hold my coils in place. Everything I tried contained way too many chemicals and dried my hair out to death.            

So one day, I called my girl Krisha Mayne and was like “Girrrrrl what do you use in your hair??” A little back ground on Krisha. She is a registered traveling nurse and a full time mother to her 1 year old daughter, Indie. In the midst of all this, her hair is always on point. So Krisha began to tell me she makes her own products to use on her and her family’s hair. She proceeded to tell me she was interested in creating a haircare line but she did not know the next step.


I said to her, “I WILL HELP YOU.”

Shocked, Krisha replied, “What? You know most people took the time to discourage me when I expressed this? You actually encouraged me.”

Humbly I replied, “It’s not my place to discourage your dreams! If you want to do this lets get it done! I’m your number one cheerleader!”

Thankfully she said, “I really appreciate that Aura. I was beginning to feel like it couldn’t do it. I wish more people were more positive.”

For the next few weeks we worked on research and logo designs and formed a strategic business plan.

The Bjou Bjou Vendor development program is dedicated to our vendors every step of the way. We know that starting a business is just as hard as running one.  We are here for you. Every question that Krisha had, we were only one call, text or email away.  



Product Development                                                                                                                                                              

 Indie Love Hair Care is a multi-step hair care line dedicated for curly types of hair. Once we got to talking, we concluded that the best products are not that expensive at all BUT they contain ingredients that damage your hair over time, hence leaving that dry crunchy feel with no bounce to the coils. Once I expressed this to her, Krisha got to work  and developed a 3 step hair care system designed for women with type 2 to type 4 hair on the hair chart.

  I have types; 3B in the front, 3C in the middle, and 4A in the back.

Krisha sent in her samples and I was very impressed with the results. I had dyed my hair honey blond at the time and attempted to do a red rinse. I am not a hair dresser sorry.  Here are the before and after photos.


Don’t judge me ok? This was a product test but it was super easy because it was only 3 steps. This was by far the easiest wash n go I have ever achieved! My curls have been quenched! It was a miracle! The picture totally speaks for itself. You can clearly see the defined coil pattern in my hair.




Stay tuned for product release information coming this fall. Follow @indielovehaircare and subscribe to newsletters at       






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