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Bjou Bjou LLC. is a marketplace, which provides underrepresented vendors with access to a global market. Many vendors in developing countries rely on a very limited customer base consisting of tourists, and volunteers. Bjou Bjou was created to help vendors reach worldwide customers like you. 

“Our mission is to stimulate developing economies by using Fashion to promote Women's Empowerment and Fair Trade." We do this by promoting business development, and bridging connections between worldwide consumers and local artisans.

In turn, we help stimulate local developing economies. This provides vendors with opportunities to grow their household income, while increasing their disposable income for work, play, education, and savings. We work with vendors from West and East Africa, South America, the Caribbean Region, and more. This in turn helps stimulate local economies, provide jobs, and strengthen financial opportunities.

 All of our products here at Bjou Bjou are handmade, and/or ethically manufactured, and we represent vendors from all over the world. We ship a huge selection of our products from local artisans in countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Morocco, Haiti, and more. 


Bjou Bjou brings you products that inspire and elevate and we encourage you to buy with a purpose.

When you buy, you build.